Deleted Scenes from P.T. Anderson’s Boogie Nights

Take a look at a few deleted scenes from Boogie Nights, starring Mark Wahlberg and John C. Riley. These short clips are filled with the intensity of the actors, showing them in an almost improv-like manner. It’s easy to look at the scenes and point out flaws or make reasons why they deserved to be cut after the fact, but they’re still pretty great gems to check out atleast once.

Notice director P.T. Anderson rarely does more than two different setups in a scene: In fact, most of his shots are continuous throughout. With that breezy, lofty effect, one can barely even notice the presence of the camera.

I can see how this scene didn’t make the cut: It slashes subtlety and straight out dictates to us how much Dirk obsesses over himself, while also not adding anything to the narrative. By the time the movie ends, this theme is clear enough.

Some great, babbling actors.

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