The Bourne Legacy (2012)

The Bourne Legacy is not as urgent as the Ultimatum and Supremacy of the past, but it is a strong surge of paranoia and angst. The movie begins in a disorienting manner, like an old Bond film, with Jeremy Renner staked out in frosty mountains amongst the wolves. It’s not quite a homerun, a new re-amp that improves on the original, but such a feat cannot be expected. It takes an actor who was not quite a star and lifts him up to that level. And if in the long-run that’s all it accomplishes, fine, because Renner is an actor with true potential, though he recently said he will be taking a break from acting. No matter what they say about his size and physique, his energy is there–and if Tom Cruise can be short, so can Renner.

The plot is basically an aftermath ‘gathering-of-wits’ from the Bourne case, featuring Pamela Anderson in trouble with the law after assisting Bourne’s escape. It used to be called treason, one of the CIA operatives says. There is no cameo from Matt Damon as one would assume, besides the CIA files containing his twenty-something profile.

Next to Renner stars Rachel Weisz, a biochemical scientist working on the operatives ‘KEMS’, a programmable drug that enhances IQ and physique for Aaron Cross and other agents. Once he runs out, he is desperate for more–or else he will be incapable to do the hit em’ up tactics, and our movie would be over, or just plain unexciting. Edward Norton takes the place as CIA director–and he is my main criticism of the film, a man with no motivation besides duty, boring and meant only to give and direct orders. All other directors had some underlying reason behind there actions, whether out of malice or assisting the ‘enemy’. Maybe in the next film, since this one ends with the complete hope of a sequel to this sequel, a bit of a series overkill if you ask me.

The movie never drags on and will definitely please the average action-junkie. It has a cast of versatile stars, and fails only to punctuate in it’s own ‘after-the-fact’ story premise: It’s the wagging tail of a long-gone series. Directed by Tony Gilroy, a writer for the earlier series, he showed promise for this movie after directing ‘Michael Clayton’, a very intelligent political thriller. And he does fulfill the promise, at least partially: The Bourne Legacy is an entertaining and adrenaline-fueled adventure.

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