Corman’s World

Corman’s World, directed by Alex Stapleton, is an inspiring and coherent film about the Director/producer Roger Corman. It features a handful of hollywood names being interviewed for and about Roger Corman and how he jump-started their careers in the industry, like Jack Nicholson and Peter Bogdanovich. It has short recaps of his filmography, discussing several of his most-known Poe adaptions, as well as showing the action on many of his sets, examples of his film style and guerrilla film-making techniques. The director uses a pretty standard documentary framework, but it’s well-paced and it certainly fulfills the task it sets out to do. Ultimately, it’s going to be mostly hardcore Corman fans that will really be interested in the doc, and it will assuredly remind them of why they love the man and his work in the first place.

Roger Corman is the rebel, they say. He’s the director who was fine with making his films under the million-dollar budget, and often is cited as an artist in how he was actually able to stay under such a tight budgetary ceiling. He test drove vehicles off the lot and filmed them in a race, returning them to the set promptly. He filmed in locations without the proper licensing. He used every tool a filmmaker used, but he used them like a sneaky con-man.

The films of Roger Corman are praised as pulpy and plain fun, featuring monsters from the deep and planets far away. He was the blockbuster man before George Lucas and Steven Spielberg commercialized the business: he’s the great artist of the affordable, but yet not lowly small-budget movie . Corman’s World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel, is a crowd-pleasing documentary, serving up a breezy walk-through of his films for newcomers, and many actor testimonials for the already dedicated fans of Roger Corman.

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