Signs, directed by M. Night Shyamalan, is one of the more sensitive outlooks on alien invasion; it takes place in the quiet mood of a farmhouse, where a retired priest, Mel Gibson, resides with his children, Bo and Morgan, and his younger but adult brother, Merrill, a baseball playing hothead played by Joaquin Phoenix.  The thing that essentially makes Signs great is that the ‘aliens’ are not revealed until the end, where the peak of fear and paranoia shows on everyone’s faces, and where it is most likely to effect ours as well.

Morgan (Rory Culkin), and Bo (Abigail Breslin), are having a difficult time coping with their mother’s death. It hasn’t changed them to the point of losing faith, which is the main character theme in the priest, conflicting inside him why and why should I.  It embraces the priest’s sensibilities, and shows how much power he has regardless of how faithful he thinks he is, because essentially his internal self and judgements of his fatherhood is what is ultimately in conflict. The alien’s mix up radio-waves and have patterns that are similiar to most alien-movies, yes; The dogs stray into madness, the crops have an eerie quality to them,  and their are rumbling sounds outside; The philosophical idea of Okam’s razor, which says always go with the more practical breakdown of choices, is used often in the movie, with the crops being probably a prank, regardless of the articulate design, and the rumbling outside, the younger brother assumes, must be some reckless boys of a farmer’s down the road. They run out chasing them, but our left with shadows on the roof and then sounds in the crops: Kids, no doubt, would be obnoxious. These things are past pragmatic reason.

The movie includes M. Night Shyamalan as an actor,  in the role of the man who killed the priest’s wife in a collision: Played with surprising inner panic and guilt, especially when the priest pulls up right when hes about and ready to leave, the priest is unsold on forgiving the man: He wants to, but how can you forgive the cause of your wife’s death, even if it was not purposeful? A sort of embodiment of the reason behind it, and not a personal hatred. The movie gets very suspenseful near the end where they are cluttered into the basement while the aliens roam in the fields and house surrounding them. A heart-pounding suspenseful science-fiction tale of forgiveness and bravery: The water, I will tell you, is definitely contaminated.

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