Cowboys and Aliens

Cowboys and Aliens is a disappointment from Iron Man Director Jon Favreau, with a lackluster plot and characters as Harrison Ford-like then ever; cringing and grunting is the main gesture that goes on here. A cowboy takeoff, yes, but a very poor one at that and action that is unispired and unexplained. When your watching a blockbuster and predicting, based on the Hollywood-smirks and giggles that means a movie is rounding-up, you know it is not very good. The only admirable effect is the special effects, which is a kick to the previously induced sobriety come the end conclusion: Like the spider in Lord of the Rings, it is a daunting beast that dwells in the wild west.

The title sounded so apolegetically cheesy when it was first announced and got me excited to see the outcome; The problem is that it takes itself far too seriously, with acts of brutality like they were trying to make a Paul Thomas Anderson movie for the human-interactions, and a Steven Spielberg movie with the alien-interactions, though that is a hyperbole of insult. The plot surrounds a man, Jake Lonergan (Daniel Craig), who wakes up with a metallic-device on his arm and no foreknowledge of how it got there or what it is.  He finds the town of Absolution, which is run Colonel Dolarhyde, who keeps things under a tight-watch, but the town soon grows into chaos when alien-spaceships swarm overhead and barrage the town with weaponry the Cowboys have never seen before; A maniacal action sequences of implausibility, with people hiding under wood barricades and miraculously surviving: The wood architecture of that day was is like a house of straws compared to the modern world, and the aliens should be able to see and act on it right away: Why not have those unique in-the-helmet shots that were in Iron Man on the Alien’s vessel: Is it not Cowboy’s and Aliens, not Cowboys with Aliens? Show the lack of structure in the Western-world, do something original.

The movie takes its characters and of course slams them into each other and forces them to work together; the Colonel and Jake seperate for most of the time, and the Colonel is clearly a hot-headed man who thinks he can take down a machine with a pistol. The movie is an uneven, reckless look at the wild-west and what could happen if aliens attack, and lacks the fun of a carelessly cheesie movie, which knocks a poor serious movie out if its pretentious waters any day.

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