Stars: Federico Luppi, Ron Perlman, Claudio Brook.
Runtime: 119m

Cronos is a Guillermo del Toro homegrown film, showcasing the steamy streets of Mexico with fervor and style. It stars Federico Luppi, Ron Perlman, and Claudio Brook. Ron Perlman especially stands out as a very dynamic and audacious actor. He is the retriever for his wealthy, gargoyle-sculpting Uncle.

Angel (Ron Perlman) walks archly through the antique-shop ran by Jesus (Federico Luppi), seeking a device called ‘Cronos’ that induces immorality, which his uncle, ill-ridden, desperately craves. Jesus has already found and realized the superhuman force of the Cronos, having clasped its metallic legs onto his palm. The chase is ongoing through out the narrative, as is Angel continuously yelled towards, for not being sly or fast enough for his Uncle’s liking.

The film doesn’t have any intricate plot-threads, but instead en-wraps the viewer in the characters personalities and tendencies. It is about who deserves to live the longest, and who would want to live in such unnatural of a state, not what can be done while in such a state, as many vampire-centered films gorge on.

“Cronos” is authentic Del Toro material, and the grandfather/granddaughter-duo sets the intimate stage for future greats by the Spanish director, like Pan’s Labyrinth.

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